Results – KGSAAS – 16th August 2016


5 flights of Loose Cannons teed off from the President and Sultan 9’s at KGSAAS on a hazy but relatively cool morning. Progress was fast as the course was very quiet so all flights were finished by 12 or just after. The course was in good condition as it usually is. Interestingly they seemed to be carrying out quite a bit of tree trimming and felling around the course … the contractor for this obviously had some kind of accident during this as there was a wrecked crane truck on the 4th hole of the Sultan 9 (see photographs below) …. looks like a felled tree branch fell down and wrecked the truck cabin!

George Murray did not finish today as his golf shoe gave out on the 4th hole of the game …. probably being due to being left in the cupboard for the last 2-3 years!

After the game we had lunch at the clubhouse cafe along with jugs of Carlsberg beer which was on special offer …. buy 2 and get one free.

A big thank you to Sigi for sponsoring his flight which left us with a reasonable cash surplus towards lunch.


The winer today was Mahmud Mohamed with a gross 86 and 41 points (cut 5). Mahmud didn’t make lunch to receive his RM50 prize and as per normal procedure the winnings went into the pot and we enjoyed the beer on Mahmud’s behalf! Runner up was Sigi with 88 for 40 points and 3rd place went to Ted Parslow with 85 for 39. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.02.53 PM



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