Results – Ipoh Away – 29th-31st October 2019

Monthly medal it’s all done and dusted. This is about Royal Perak and Meru Valley 30-31 Oct, LC’s Ipoh Away. Players were the same as at Clearwater except for Aftab Ahmad who had returned home.
I almost missed the tee-off at Royal Perak as it took some time to get my car out of the hotel.
This course was a very different experience compared to the previous day as we had not much of soggy areas. Fairways were good but the greens were a bit slow though.
After the game we found out how one could get a beer or two with something to eat, just step in at the bar and they get your order delivered even though it took some time. In the evening we had a nice dinner at the hotel.
The last day was at Meru Valley we had a leader ball with two 31’s one 30 and one with 26 points. The middle flight 26 – 23 and the first flight two with 19 points.
We played Valley and Waterfalls nines, except for Valleys three first holes which we very soggy the course was not bad at all. The greens were very fast and good.
So how did it go:  Josef Winter had an excellent day with 39 points and adding that to his previous day points, he won  with 65 points.
Mike Smith came second with 61 and Martin Belderink 57 points. The remaining had from 56 down to 31 points which was myself.
Ricardo made a 200Rm contribution to the lunch/kitty as he will have his birthday next week when he is elsewhere.
I reckon the pictures attached will describe a nice bunch of golfers out on an adventure sort of.
I reckoned Clearwaters Lake nine and Meru Valley’s Waterfall nine were the nicest nines.
But one should stay away from the area during the wet season especially Clearwater.
I will take a couple of weeks off or so from playing golf as my back has not improved, one cannot go on with painkillers and muscle relaxing pills for too long.


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