Results The Mines 16 February 2021

Thanks to Ricardo for the photos and Jan for writing the report

Loose Cannons all,

It was a great morning to be able to play again and then at such a wonderful course. With 8 of us, who just managed to stay within the 10 km (or about) to tee off and play at the Mines, a real treat. The condition of the course was great, we could use our buggies (individual !) on most of the fairways, and the greens were of a magnificent quality. Looking forward to coming back again.

The scores were actually very good. It isn’t an easy course, we played off the blue tees, and nobody had a gross score higher than 100. The main prize, a 50 RM MST voucher went to Paul Geddes, who beat his handicap with 2 points. Well done Paul!

The mystery prize, a sleeve of balls, went to Mike Garwood, who beat us all with two birdies. Great work Mike!

All scores and photos are below:

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