Results – Bukit Utama – 10th August 2010

The game was arranged for Seri Selangor and 8 persons turned up with one more on the way when we were informed that there was no possibility of playing due to a competition being held which effectively closed the course from 8am. This was despite the club being asked, twice, over the previous few days if there were any comps or problems with playing on Tuesday.
After some discussion it was decided, at the suggestion of Barry, to go to Bukit Utama and play the 9 hole course twice. Eventually, after fighting traffic eight of us made it to Bukit Utama and got under way a little before 9. (Ian Geekie decided not to come as he was advised that we didn’t know what we were doing before the Bukit Utama decision was made!) I think the phrase “don’t know what we’re doing” summed up the morning pretty well until then.
Most of us had played Bukit Utama before and did not have very high expectations of the course. I believe the majority were pleasantly suprised. There has been a great improvement since I last played – maybe 2 years ago and despite the quality of the greens being a bit inconsistent it measured up to quite a few courses we play regularly. In order to add variety we played the first nine off the whites and the second off the blues although there were few holes that this made any appreciable difference.
Mike Hughes (yes me) won his first Cannons game with 33 points on a gross of 106, on countback from Zack Preston (95 gross.) Mike is cut 4, Zack 1 for next time. Best gross was John Preston with a 90 while last week’s champ Barry Cousins played the most golf with a 120.
Full Results:
1. Mike Hughes                     33 points              106 gross (OCB)
2. Zack Preston                     33                         95
3. John Preston                     31                         90
4. Peter Edgworth                 28                         99
5. Bernhard Romahn             27                        101
6. Ray Funnell                      23                        107
7. Barry Cousins                   20                        120
    Dick Stauffer                    NR    (Dick had to leave after nine holes for an appointment.)
Lessons learned from this episode was NEVER try Seri Selangor again – especially near Ramadan. Also, Bukit Utama is worth considering once in awhile (I wouldn’t go so far as to add it to a regular schedule.)
Due to the late finish M&M was hit and miss with 4 of us having something to eat by the pool although there is an excellent Chinese on site.
I’ll Advise next week’s game ASAP. Rest assured I will do all in my power to avoid this week’s cock up.
Report by Mike (Temporary Pro Tem Convenor) Hughes 

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