Results – Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi – 2nd November 2010


Tony Morris   90/40

John Laidley  81/37
Reinli        90/37
Barry Cousins 98/36
Richard Moss  104/35
Hans Berger   95/35
Glen Wombwell 96/33
Alan Holgate  109/30
Tom Holmes    107/26
Bernard       99/25
Aftab         96/23
Paul Jeyaraj  112/22
Maurice       99/20
Darren        118/18

From this it is clear that Tony Morris is the winner with a 4 stroke reduction
and John runner up with a 1 stroke reduction.The lowest
gross was John whilst most golf was played by Darren.


B/F      RM   98
14@100      1400
Golf       (1042)
Club beer   (115)
M&M         (434)
11@10        110
C/F           17

The 13 registered players were joined at the course by Maurice, a guest of
Glenn’s, making 14 players in 2 flights of 4 and 2 of 3. Aftab was a guest of
Hans and has given his signaling details for inclusion in the weekly
circulation. Darren from Norwich was introduced by Tom as a visitor. 5 Premier
vouchers and 1 SSG card were used to reduce the overall cost, for the general
benefit which was much appreciated by all attendant Cannons.

The clement conditions of Bukit Tinggi were found to be very conducive and the
Berjaya Hills course was in tiptop condition. Indeed some Loose Cannons
expressed a desire to return next Tuesday. The first flight of 3 teed off at
0800 precisely and caught up with a Korean 4 ball at the 8th who waited by the
9th tee to wave the 3 ball through. A leisurely round was completed at 1130
with little sign of other golfers, before adjourning to the lounge to await
the other 3 flights. Noon and noon thirty came and went as did a couple of
buckets of tiger. At 1300 the Korean flight appeared at the 18th tee. Shortly
after they finished their round our 3 ball appeared at the 18th tee and
eventually by 1330 Cannons assault of the course had been accomplished. The
Oldest Member made some comments about slow play in his flight.

11 intrepid golfers then adjourned to Kampong Bukit Tinggi to consume 220RM of
makan and 214 of minum, mostly Tiger. There being no pig knuckle available
Pork Ribs, Venison x2, S&S Chicken, Butter Prawns, Yam Basket, Baked Bringel
and Egg Fau yu x3 were served and as the members considered the price
excessive the landlord provided 2 large bottles of Tiger gratis.

With ProTem Convener Twan Andrew returning from Half Term Hols this week we
await his decision on the course for Tuesday Kajang Hills was mooted.


Temp PT Convener Richard Moss

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