Results – Bukit Unggul Country Club – 1st March 2011

What a great way to celebrate St David’s day, than to play one of the most scenic golf courses in Malaysia!

Bukit Unggul was in good shape today considering the heavy rain it had taken. It was still pouring down at 8 but luckily for us it stopped just before we started. The bunkers gave us some problems as they were mostly full of water but Klaus either didn’t go in them or he played like a pro!

Klaus was the winner today with 43pts and is cut but 7. Barry was second on count back to Ray F on 40pts and is cut by 1.

Best gross was Ted with 81 shots. Most golf played was Bruce with a 122 shots. Mike Hughes may be coming back when he sees this week’s scores! A special mention to Ray F for helping with the booking in at reception, getting a 10% discount off the F&B and two free jugs of beer, cheers, Ray. It was nice to see Geoff and Ted join the Cannons and we look forward to their company in the future. It was also great to SEE Mike after his eye op, let’s hope he is up and running for the Cannons trip down south.


Dave 89,36. Kevin 89,29. Hans 102,29. Bernard 37

Erol 98, 31. Barry, 97, 40. Andrew, 91, 37. Ray K 112, 17

Tony 94, 31 John,83,34. Geoff,83,24 Ted 81,36

Ray F 95, 40 Tom 96, 35 KLAUS 92, 43 Reinli 93, 36

Dick 109, 27 Vincent, 101, 38 Alan,106,33 Bruce 122, 15

  • Thanks to Klaus for donating his winnings to the pot.
  • There was a carry over of RM90 which will be added to next weeks pot.
Lastly, thanks to David for standing in for Mike these past 2 weeks.

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