Results – Bukit Unggul – 5th April 2011

19 golfers assembled to play BU and bid Dave Hughes bon voyage as he heads back to the frozen north after his 3 months in the sun. Dave will be back next January.
BU was in good condition but they still have the Babi Hutan problem which disfigures the course in many areas. Pity but I guess there is little that can be done to prevent it.
With perfect weather all flights made good progress until the start of the back nine when a flight with a couple of women that appeared from nowhere and were unable to play the game at all, held us up until the manager was called to get them out of the way. Nevertheless, most were round in 4 hours; some considerably faster.
The winner with his lowest gross ever of 82 and 46 points was Tony Morris. Tony is cut 10. Runner up was Hans Berger with 45 points cut 1. The lowest gross was 78 by departing David and the most golf was played by Julian Purvis after some very wayward driving. In addition to the RM50 Tony received a bottle of Jonny Walker form Dave which did the round of the table. Tony generously donated his winnings to the pot which, after some recalculation left us with a surplus of RM50!!! Good on you Tony. 
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Ray Funnell for helping me with the bookings.

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