Results – KGSAAS – 30th May 2011

Stuart’s Apology
I’m embarrassed to report that having committed to play at this week’s game, having meticulously laid out my golf kit and set my alarm for an early rise I failed due to one mistake ………. phone set to mute means your alarm does not sound! Hence I slept in passed the appointed time to get up and failed to make the venue at KGSAAS for my very infrequent appearance with the Loose Cannons group. A severe disappointment but of course things went on and the group I’m sure had a most enjoyable day out while I was resigned to head to the office for a rather un-fun day!

Report from Andrew Robinson
Cannons played on Monday this week to take advantage of the special MONDAY MADNESS deal on offer at KGSAAS.  However, just 8 of us competed for the months: TROPHY GAME

After Stuart overslept and Barry generously volunteered to drop out so as to leave 2 full flights instead of an awkward 3 x 3 balls…  The course was in good order with excellent greens, clement weather and no significant hold-ups. The winner with gross 91 for 38 points plus maximum bonus points was Andrew Robinson, and cut 4.  Runner-up was  Bernhard Romahn with gross 96 for 36 points. Tony Morrris had the lowest gross with 89 and Ray Funnell, got the best value for his money with 108 strokes. Full details:

1. Andrew Robinson – 91/38
2. Bernhard Romahn – 96/36
3. Simon Compton – 99/32
4. Richard Moss – 107/31
5. Tony Morris – 89/30
6. Ray Funnell – 108/29
7. Hans Berger – 98/27
8. Julian Purvis – 98/25

Mike Smith and Barry Cousins joined us for lunch – F&B was taken at the club and it was very ordinary – slow service (especially for fish curry), mediocre quality and high prices – including RM24++ for a large melon juice. And a rather odd preponderance of somewhat dreadful Maryland Chicken in evidence…?  Whilst it seems a sound idea to return to KGSAAS more frequently for the Monday deal, perhaps post-golf sustenance might be taken elseware?

One thought on “Results – KGSAAS – 30th May 2011

  1. I beg to differ!! You have an iPhone, and if you set the alarm correctly, and switch it to mute, the phone will still go off at the pre-desognated time, vibrate & play what ever gentle melody you previously selected!

    So now please explain the real reason!!

    We know already – you rolled over, slapped the wife on the ass and asked “Golf Course or Intercourse?” & to your absolute amazement (and for the first time ever) she replied “Intercourse”.

    Good on you Buddy, get it when you can!!


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