Results – Templar Park Golf & Country Club – 12th July 2011

As we all know, Templer Park is a difficult track and the 16 golfers (I use the term Golfer in it’s broadest sense) who ……I was going to say ‘graced’ but that would be a gross misrepresentation of the facts…..let’s say ‘took part’, proved again how relatively easy most of the courses we play are. Only 5 of us broke 100 and only one of us played to his handicap. Well done that man. Barry for example managed to “blob” 13 holes; 9 on the trot! That must be a record of sorts.
Templer was in poor condition; a sad reflection on the magnificent golf course that it once was. They are trying to rejuvenate the place but it’s a loosing battle I’m afraid. What a pity given the outstanding piece of real estate it occupies and the stunning back drop and only 30 mins drive from down town KL. Clearly the club facilities are underused and underfunded and one wonders how long this place will survive. Nevertheless, we will be back if only to bring ourselves back to reality….golf wise!

The winner was Glen Wombwell with 37 points and the runner-up Paul Hobbs making a rare appearance and coming in with 32 points OCB. Glen is cut 4 strokes and Paul 1 stroke. The lowest gross was 86 by Geoff Parslow and the most golf was played by Barry Cousins with 124.
Mike Smith will be away for the next 4 games so Andrew Robinson will be “deputy dog” (thank you Andrew) and will advise you of next weeks venue.

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