Results – Staffield Golf Resort – 15th May 2012

Cannons all,
Staffield was in superb condition, especially the greens which were running true and reasonably fast. This really is a gem of a golf course and with the current mid week package, very affordable. We shall return……..soon.
12 golfers had registered but a last minute withdrawal due to illness meant that only 11 LC’s teed off. This was a bit of a bummer as I had bumped John Preston out at 6 o’clock yesterday evening. Sorry about that John. And with Barry straining his back with his first drive of the morning we were down to 10 after one hole. As most of us are getting older we should warm up before teeing up.
The weather was glorious and the course was not busy so everyone was round in under 4 hours.Whether it was the course or the weather or both I don’t know, but some very good scores were recorded. Of note were 5 birdies each to the 2 Geoff’s; Parslow & McLaws.
The winner was Mark Baker with 45 points and the R/Up was Geoff Parslow with 44 points. The lowest gross was 75 by Geoff Parslow and the most golf played was 109 by our returning member Bernhard Romain.
Mark is cut 9 strokes and Geoff 1 stroke. 
The full results can be found in the attachment where the 2 Geoffs will note that their USGA handicap has tumbled down to 9 & 6 respectively resulting in Capped Handicaps of 12 for McLaws and 9 for Parslow. So you see Geoff P, having “never ever played off a double digit handicap in my life” didn’t last long. ‘Handicap Master’ took care of that.

After the game all 10 survivors retired to Mantin to the usual Chinese and enjoyed some excellent grub washed down with an unusually large amount of the amber nectar amid some good banter. Mark generously chucked his winnings into the kitty but we still had to cough up an extra RM20 each. Having completed the whip round Bernhard then handed me RM200 as his contribution. Now I’m not sure if this was a spontaneous generous gesture to mark his return to the LC’s after several months absence or whether it was intended to influence my reporting of the mornings golf. You will remember that I said “some very good scores were recorded”!!! Well, that was true BUT not everyone scored well. Bernhard shot 40 & 60 for 17 points; 14 of which were on his front 9. So there you go Bernhard, bribery will get you nowhere. But thanks again for your generosity. The money has gone into the LC coffers which now stand at RM1280. I feel a good Christmas Lunch coming on.

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