Results – KGSAAS – 31st July 2012

Cannons all,
16 LC’s mustered at KGSAAS on an overcast Tuesday for the July Trophy Game. At 7:45 the darkness was broken by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder as the heavens opened. Soon after the siren sounded; a little late we thought as there were some early starters on the course. Not a promising start.
Yours truly held back from registering until play seemed probable but the storm was short lived and we were able to make our way to the starters hut at 8:30 and we were off by 8:45, all from the same tee box as the other tee was occupied by some very slow flights. We played the Alam Shah and Presidents nines.
After the storm the weather was almost perfect and with the course in excellent condition from tee to green and no hold ups and we were all round in good time.
KGSAAS really is an excellent golf course and fears for it’s future after the demise of it’s previous owners seem unfounded as the new owners are investing in continued improvements to the club facilities in their entirety. As Ted Parslow remarked, ‘I’ve never seen this course in such good condition.” Lets hope it stays that way.

The winner of the JULY TROPHY with 39 points off the stick plus 3 bonus points for 42 points was Tony Morris. The runner-up was Barry Cousins with 39 + 2 for 41 points.The lowest gross was 77 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf was played by Richard Moss with 113.
Tony is cut 4 strokes and Barry 1 stroke.
Lunch was at taken at the club who had a simple menu of local fare this Ramadan. All 16 players were present and there was good camaraderie and lively conversation. 

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