Results – Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club – 4th September 2012

Cannons all.
For the second week running we played in the rain.
18 LC’s made their way to the mountains through the KL haze and endured the lengthy registration process that seems to be the norm these days at most local golf venues. We eventually got started at 8:15 under leaden skies; all from tee box 1 as the tenth tee is at the farthest point on the course, and this always leads to a rather long delay between the first and last flight. But more of that later.
By the time the first flight got to the second tee the rain began; a heavy drizzle, and it continued intermittently for much of the front nine. Berjaya Hills was in very nice condition with much long needed maintenance in evidence including the repair of the land slip at the 4th tee box which, while not completely repaired, at least has a new tee boxes to replace those at the foot of the slip and a new buggy track circumnavigating the slip which is a great improvement on the temporary detour across the neighbouring fairway that has been in place for the past year or more.
Berjaya Hills is always a delightful place to be, high in the hills with wonderfully clean air and spectacular vistas. The gallery of Gibbons were very noisy, a bit like American golf galleries, and a magnificent Owl swooped into a tree and watched the LC’s putting exhibition with great disdain before silently gliding away in search of something more interesting.
The winner OCB was Stuart Taylor with 42 points and the runner-up was Ted Parslow.
The lowest gross was 77 by Geoff Parlow and the most golf was played by Allan McNicoll with 118. Stuart is cut 6 strokes and Ted1 stroke.
As I mentioned earlier, there is always a long delay at this track because we believe that we have to start from TB 1 as TB 10 is so far away. The first flight, a 3 ball, were back in under 4 hours with the second 3 ball 10 minutes later. There was then a delay of almost an hour before flight 3 walked off the 18th, 10 minutes of it searching for balls within 150 metrs of the green!!! The last flight came in 90 minutes after the first flight. Maybe we need to bite the bullet and put up with the 10 minute drive to the 10th. But even this will not help unnecessary slow play.
Speed the game up guys.
Poor Bob Simpson was sat at the restaurant for nearly an hour before anyone joined him. He text me with “Where is everone?” followed 45 minutes later with “Am I in the right restauant?”. We had left the changing rooms together! And he was in flight 2!!!! 2 members of flight 1 didn’t stay for lunch and Erol, their 3rd member had to wait for John who was in a later flight and I had to wait for George who was in the last flight. Erol & I had a beer at the 18th to pass the time while waiting for flight 3 to appear.
Anyway, some lessons learned. At venues like this where we adjourn to an off site venue for lunch I will pre arrange the flights. This will help.
Lunch at Restoran 126 in the village was excellent and accompanied by much amber nectar and very reasonably priced.
Despite the delays, a good day out.


Geoff Parslow, Ted Parslow, John Laidley and Glen Wombwell warming up on the 1st tee. Well not exactly warming up … but Glen is warming his hands!
 Erol Akinci and his “Rusty Pecker” at the 1st tee.
 We thought much of the fairway damage on the course had been caused by wild boar action … but here is proof that Alan McNicoll was also to blame!

Panorama photo of the 4th hole.

 “Stop and smell the flowers” as famously quoted by golfer Walter Hagen. These beautiful flowers had dropped from the trees which surrounded the fairways on the 5th hole.
 Here we see some wild boar damage caused just off the green on the 9th hole.
 The unmistakeable profile of Mr. Richard Moss.
 The Berjaya Hills course has some wonderful views over the surrounding hills and has the advantage of being relatively cool due to the altitude.
 Alan McNicoll blasts one away with this new driver on the 10th hole.
 Richard Moss looking in awe at his drive on the 10th.

Panorama photo of the 10th hole green.
 Richard Moss in the valley of sin on the 12th.
 Geoff McLaws looking happy …. couldn’t say that by the 18th!
 The bizarre Colmar Tropicale buildings nestle in the hills in the distance.
 Another fine swing from Alan McNicoll propels him further forward into triple figures.
The fairly straightforward 16th to lull you into a false sense of security and confidence before the last two holes.
A scarifier machine had been in action on the 17th tee box.
Looking back down the tough 17th hole it’s easy to see where you went wrong.



Something extra this week to complete your multi-media desires – some recorded sounds of the gibbons in the jungle surrounding the golf course. It sounded like they were all screeching with laughter …. and this was probably exactly the case given the displays of our golf proficiency.

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