Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 11th September 2012


Cannons all.
Tasik Puteri was in very good condition overall, the only grumble being the bunkers which had been recently refilled with fresh sand that was so deep and soft as to make playing out of near impossible. Remedy; avoid the bunkers I suppose! With surprisingly few other golfers at the course we were off on time after a short dispute between the starter and the supervisor over which of the nines were in play, but once that was sorted out the round proceeded at good pace (for most) on the Puteri & Putera 9’s.
The weather too was good with a strong breeze picking up towards the end of the round.
The winner  was Bernhard Romahn with 44 points and the runner-up was Barry Cousins with 43 points.
The lowest gross was 80 by John Laidley and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 119.
Bernhard is cut 8 strokes and Barry 1 stroke.
With the demise of the Equatorial we mustered at the Chin Hiong Restoran half way back to the toll where the food was so-so but the price reasonable. But this was not a patch on the Equatorial.


 The usual chaos at the start to get 20 odd Loose Cannons into buggies and away.
 Our group’s starting hole was the 10th hole – a misty start.
Tony tees off and sets his usual blistering pace around the course – we never saw the group behind us the whole round.
Now just check out the bend in Alan Holgate’s club as he swings through demonstrating the monstrous power he is applying to the club …. now if only that power could be transferred to the ball.
 Aftab chips onto the green on the short over-the-water par 3 14th hole.
 A serene view over the lake …… after we waited for the ripples to die down after Alan’s ball went in.
 Alan again showing his driving prowess.
 Tasik Puteri is a beautiful course and fairly well maintained.
 Alan Holgate has his “energy bar” break after abandoning his play on this hole.
 The tough 18th hole …. it’s uphill all the way.
 Aftab follows the caddy’s lead in combatting the strong morning sun.
 Tony in action on the dance floor.
 Our helpful and always smiling caddy … Dini.
 Tony hits on on a short par 3 3rd hole.
 Alan Holgate in jovial form.

A panoramic view of the long par 5 4th hole.

 Tony Morris also demonstrating his power at club bending.
 Aftab hits one off the tee in a steady and consistent manner.
 You can just see Alan’s ball heading off straight down the middle.
 Tony ponders his putt – the clubhouse drawing closer in the background.
 A fine band of Loose Cannonites – Tony Morris, Alan Holgate, Aftab Ahmad and Stuart Taylor.

 Finally we reach the 8th hole which was our 17th hole … one to go then it’s a much needed refreshment and lunch.
 Tony impersonating an Australian cattle rustler.
 Alan Holgate impersonating an F1 Honda Team driver.
 The final hole – Alan hits his second to the green … or rather short of the green.
The new restaurant “Chin Hiong” was successful although not quite as good as our previous haunt the “Equatorial Restaurant”

 After numerous amber refreshments and a belly full of food, spirits were good.
Barry is in great need of a wardrobe consultant


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