Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 25th September 2012


Cannons all.

Port Klang Golf Resort really is a little gem. Quiet, modest and old fashioned, this tranquil corner of Port Klang presents a stern test of golfing skills, it’s tight fairways meandering through the numerous ponds and drains, needing good judgement and accurate positioning of shots on what, at first sight, appears to be a flat and fairly mundane golf course.

A disappointing turn out this week for the September Trophy Game saw 12 LC’s tee it up on a pleasant, cool morning but the sound of distant thunder was ominous and sure enough light rain soon began to fall, developing into heavier steady rain towards the end of the front 9. Fortunately it was short lived and the back 9 was played in near perfect golfing weather and with few other golfers on the course we were all home in good time. Trying to drive a Turf Mate one handed, the other holding the umbrella, proved to be near impossible. You really have to hold on with both hands to these things!
The fairways were good and the greens too, if a bit slow. The only criticism being the bunkers that had only received a cursory raking and were very uneven; not helped by the complete absence of rakes. Jack Niclaus would approve, he being a supporter of the notion that bunkers should be serious hazards to be avoided at all costs rather than a place where most professionals would prefer to be, if not on the green.
On the negative side Port Klang Golf Resort has poor drainage and can only be enjoyed during the dryer months of the year and so this will be our last visit this year; the course already being quite soft. The locker room too is very tacky and with no hot water in the showers, not because its not available but because the management have given instructions to the staff not to turn on the water heater unless someone actually asks for it!!!
Last weeks report on the sorry state of Bukit Unggul was forwarded to their manager May Wong who sent me an apologetic note thanking me for our observations and promising to continue working towards improving the course and the service. Thank you May.
The winner of the September Trophy was Ray Funnell with 39 points off the stick plus 3 bonus points for a total of 42. The runner-up was myself with 38 + 3 = 41 points.
The lowest gross was 90 by John Laidley and the most golf was played by Allan McNicoll with 124. Ray is cut 4 strokes and myself 1 stroke.
11 of us went to Port Village Restoran for an excellent sea food lunch helped along by a generous donation of RM100 by the absent player, Vincent. Thank you Vincent.


 Allan tries on his new hat, alluded into thinking that this new equipment may help his game
 It’s wonderful to see the joy and glee of a golfer being introduced to the turf mate for the first time
 Cannons assembling at the 1st tee on their turf mate chariots
 The 1st hole awaits the onslaught of 12 Cannons
 “Listen Up Cannons!”
 The calm and placid water ….. soon to be disrupted by many balls from Barry Cousins
 Vincent walks off the 1st green

Stuart’s turf mate decides to mount Raymond Keys’ turfmate

 The greens at Port Klang Golf Resort were in very good condition
 The turf mate ….. not many clubs using this ingenious device but fun to drive again after so long
 Thought this was my ball but it turned out to be a giant mushroom
 Barry and his lucky mascot/driver cover
 Another scenic view over one of the many water hazards
 Luckily this was not a bridge that we had to use … but it added a certain rustic charm to the place
 Raymond Keys using a novel technique to support his club … or was it a special way to warm the grip … I don’t know!

A panoramic view over the course

There were many dogs on and around the course .. this pack had taken up residence on the green and were very loathed to move when we arrived

Stuart shows the correct technique on how to play a bunker shot – in this case from a rather stony bunker!

An animated gif as a bonus …..

Port Klang Golf Resort clubhouse …… this could be Malaya back in the 50’s … especially when you saw the state of the shower room

By the end of the first 9 the rain started … but luckily cleared quickly

Lunch was excellent with a wide variety of seafood washed down with copious quantities of the amber nectar

 Mike reviewing the scores while Hans prays for a good result

The damage – RM645.90 for 11 pax

Ray Funnell … the September trophy winner … Congratulations!


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