Results – Templar Park Golf & Country Club – 2nd October 2012


Cannons all.

Templer Park Country Club is always a severe test and so it turned out again; an excellent layout in great condition that favours the better golfers.

16 LC’s had registered but a very late withdrawal meant that 15 golfers teed it up on a glorious morning at this very special place. The course was in the best shape I have seen it in a long while with nice fairways and fast, true greens. The bunkers too were immaculate until we arrived on the scene; Barry and Andre particularly doing their best to rearrange their topography. Templer Park has one of the best back drops in golf, dominated by the Tigers Tooth, majestically imposing against a background of unspoilt tropical rain forest. The only blemish on this spectacular and beautiful scene is the hideous house that someone has built at the foot of the Tigers Tooth. An architectural monstrosity of the most hideous appearnce. If I were God for a day I would have it demolished with its owners, the architect (if there was one) and the planning officer inside.
But back to the golf.
As you enter Templer Park Country Club you know you are at a quality destination. You also notice that this is a place that has lost some of it’s original charm and has suffered financially. The tennis courts are in need of some serious TLC and the buggies are on their last legs. These curious contraptions designed to carry 3 golfers; their equipment and a caddy are petrol engined machines which have been in service since the club opened 25 years ago. The windshield of ours fell out! They also dictate that if you go out as 4 balls you have to take 2 of these contraptions (since 3 Europeans don’t fit comfortably) and endure the smell of petrol fumes in this otherwise clean and tranquil corner of Selangor. Change them TPCC. But once out on the course there are clear sign that someone has put up some money as there are new turf management machines at work and a weed control programme in place. The playing surface is now excellent. There is also ongoing work to remove a few dead trees here and there and tidy up some of the areas of ‘natural features’ that have become a bit of an eye sore because of the undergrowth that has grown up in recent years.
This is a course that you have to walk to enjoy it’s full potential. With the buggies strictly ‘on track’ and the location of the track often some distance from where your ball lies, the caddy has to work hard to bring the clubs; great armfuls of them, to their players before scuttling back to the buggy to advance it to the next point of play. The caddies are well trained and pleasant which helps to make a round of golf here a memorable experience.
The winner was John Laidley with 39 points ( with 2 blobs on the card) and the runner-up was Ray Funnel with 32 points OCB from Andre Holm. 
The lowest gross was John Laidley with 83 and the most golf was shared by Barry Cousins & Richard Moss with 115.
John is cut 4 strokes and Ray 1 stroke.
We took lunch at the club where the food was good if a little expensive and the beer was bloody expensive. But we only play here twice a year.


A beautiful morning panorama over Templar Park golf course
 Allan McNicoll tees off in the 1st flight
 The buggies at Templar Park are large long wheel base 4 seaters piloted by the caddy
A motley crew about to embark on their Loose Cannons golf expedition
Photo courtesy of Hans Berger
A panoramic view of the par 3 2nd hole
 Aftab for once chipping onto the green from the grass rather than the sand

The ‘Tiger’s Tooth’ towers over the course

 Allan McNicoll putting onto the green at the 6th hole
 The large limestone pinnacles are a stunning backdrop to the course

Panoramic view of the 9th hole with a large water hazard and the backdrop of the limestone pinnacle

 Allan clears the water on the 9th
 Aftab with his easy swing also clears the water on the 9th
The 1st flight with Aftab Ahmad, Allan McNicoll and Stuart Taylor
 Julien Hodson-Walker looks on at his drive
Photo courtesy of John Laidley
 The 9th fairway with the limestone pinnacle towering over the course
 Allan McNicoll looks pleased with his front 9
 A beautiful setting for a large house …. but a long way to the shops for your ciggies
 Looking back over the course from the 14th fairway
 Panorama of the 9th hole
Panorama of the 12th par 5
 If your golf is not keeping up your interest …. you can always have a look around and appreciate the local nature
I figured out why our caddy Watini had her face all covered up …. it wasn’t for sun protection …. it was to stifle her laughter at our golfing efforts

 The 1st flight dynamic trio reach the spectacular 18th hole
Raymond Keys gives his round of golf a big thumbs down.

Course Rules: Please note Rule No. 2 
Ray on the fairway
Rule Breaker!!!!


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