Results – Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club – 29th January 2013


14 players teed off with a chilly start, but very quickly the sun was out and the stunning scenery and the incredibly clear, unpolluted blue sky made for excellent playing conditions. For me, perhaps the most spectacular weather day I have ever had “up the hill” .We were even treated to a troop of gibbons playing in the trees and the rough, with the dominant male,

breaking off dead tree branches and throwing them onto the fringe of the green. The course was in good condition, a few soggy patches, not unexpected, and the greens were also good and played very true.  A good lunch followed down the hill at 126.  As is now customary for this venue.

To celebrate Ray’s 250th game with LCs, 4 sleeves were up for the NTPs. Winners were, Kevin Wiggins, Andrew Robinson, Tony Morris, and Gordon Wingate.

The winner of the invisible January trophy, was Andrew Robinson with 95 for 38 points, just beating Bernard Rohman with 92 for 37 points. Andrew cut 4 and Bernard only 1. 

Lowest gross was Geoff Mclaws with 82. Would have been a little better if the caddy had had any idea where his shots finished up….!!  An excellent 3 over on the back 9, including another lost ball on the 18 th.


Tip of The Day

Mark Your Ball

It’s something that most golfers do but EVERY golfer should be doing it.  Mark your golf balls.  Why is it so important? 

Read Here.

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