Results – Palm Garden Golf Resort – 29th April 2013


A very enjoyable day was had by all on this beautiful, and very well maintained course. The fairways were in excellent condition and the rolling greens were very true, as always. 

4 Full flights , with Mike Han joining the 4 th flight,to make a 5 ball. Great having Mike back with the LCs , and many thanks for his help in arranging the game and for paying for the beers. Much appreciated.

The birthday weekend…. Ted on Sunday, and Hans and Alan on Monday. Hans very generously paid for lunch and Alan provided 4 sleeve of balls. Thank you both and happy birthday. No singing like at Ted’s … shame. 

The winners of the sleeves. 

Lowest Gross Geoff Mclaws, 84

1 st place Andrew Robinson

5 th place ocb( from Ray Funnell) Iain Wise

9 th place Mathew Katakis

The winner on the day, (with his high handicap) was Andrew Robinson with 94 for 42 points. Cut only 6. Andrew is now away for the next 3 weeks.  Have a safe trip.  Even using the bonus points I could not separate Kevin Wiggins, 87, for 39  and Bernard Rohman 90, 39 , so a convenor decision, cut them both by 1 …!!  Gordon escaped the cut because of less bonus points.  



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