Results – Bukit Unggul – 9th July 2013


Only 14 players teed off as a result of a no show and a late withdrawal, resulting in 2 three balls.

Unusually at the moment the weather was cool and overcast and some rain on the back 9. Along with the weather and the recent “piggy attacks” the scores were higher than expected. 

The winner with an excellent 89 for 40 points was Stuart Taylor, cut 4 . Second was Glen Wombwell with 100 for 38 points. Cut 1. Lowest gross was Ted Parslow with 87. 

A good lunch was had at the Dengkil Seafood Restaurant in Dengkil on the suggestion of Andrew Robinson.

Discussions agreed at the lunch.

1) USGA H/Cap system will be used after Stuart has checked all running OK with the software. Aim to start for the first game in August.  Capping to be set at 3 over h/cap.
The basis will be on all rounds played in 2013.  Review in 3 months to check all working well and the desired results are being achieved.

2) Starting immediately LC s will play to the rules of golf. Local club rules to apply, if relevant. Inclement conditions, requiring pick and clean to be announced on the day by the convenor.  



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