Results – Impian Golf Resort – 10th December 2013


We finally had 25 starters with 2 withdrawls. Our venerable leader, Andrew Robinson claiming his illness was nothing to do with yesterday’s lunch and Peter May who was at the hospital with his sick daughter. We welcomed back Geoff Parslow after his “forced sabbatical” in Australia and also welcomed, hopefully a new regular member, Brian Stubbs.

The weather was very good, and the course and bunkers were in good condition. But the greens, were slow, bumpy and the front 9 had been recently tined and treated. Not the usual Impian standard by a long way…. I believe a first for LCs, 7 players scored under 90. 

The winner , with his best round for quite a while, was Ray Funnell with 90 for 45 points. Cut a mere 9. Just beating Stuart Taylor with an excellent 84 for 44 points. Cut 1.

It was also noted that this was Alan Holgate’s 200th game today – well done Alan -you can buy us all drinks next week to celebrate!



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