Results – Bukit Kemuning – 7th January 2014


Bukit Kemuning was drier than expected, only a few soft patches, and played well.  The greens were in good condition and were even paced. Pleasant weather conditions which warmed up later, resulted in a good morning’s golf.

First week of using USGA H/Caps, so no cuts for the winners. It will be interesting to see how the new system evolves. 

The winner was Jason Winter with an excellent 76 for 39 points. He just beat his work comrade Ted Parslow who scored 81 for 38 points. 

The excellent lunch arranged by Barry was somewhat extended as simple directions to get to the restaurant,1 km away from the club, seemed to cause rather a lot of difficulties…. Eventually we only finished up 2 members short….!! There has however been some negative feedback on the lunch arrangements particularly with the food being served a long time before all members had arrived resulting an latecomers getting some meagre leftovers (at a hefty price as well!)



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