Results – Templer Park – 1st July 2014

There were only 12 players at this week’s game, probably due to this time of year when many are away on leave. I was also out of play today as having just had some surgery on my voice box  last week decided to rest up. I will be back next week although running in “silent mode”. However as it was Ramadan there was a special rate for this fine course hence the reason to play here. 
Winner of the day was Tony Morris with a gross of 91 for 35 points. Glenn Sargeant scored 93 for 37 points but as he has as yet an unverified handicap and not played the requisite 5 games so he cannot win unfortunately. Second was Tom Holmes (welcome back Tom!) with 87 for 34 points. Full results below:


Next Game

Next week we will tentatively be playing at Kota Permai, again making use off the special Ramadan rates. Barry Cousins will be booking the flights this Thursday and I will confirm arrangements by email.

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