Results – KLGCC (East Course) – 14th July 2014

15 Loose Cannons graced the fine fairways of KLGCC East Course this morning under great conditions. We all teed off on the back 9 starting on the tricky hole no 10 where our group managed to very successfully find the water at the back of the green.
Course conditions as expected were very good although the greens were running a bit slow – apparently they are letting the grass grow in preparation for an upcoming competition. However they ran extremely true and with the excellent caddies (certainly in our group) this helped enormously with the putting.
We all finished by 12:30 ish and many of us then departed for SID’s pub in Damansara Heights for some lunch and refreshments.
The winner today with a gross of 84 and 38 Stableford points was Stuart Taylor. Second was Jeff Pearce with 36 points (gross of 92). Best gross of the day was Sean Niven with 81.
Full scores detailed below:
There was a special prize today from Stuart Taylor who was celebrating his 100th game with the Loose Cannons – and unknown to all this was to be given to the player who scored closest to 100 gross. The winner was Ray Funnell who scored EXACTLY 100 – well done Ray. 
The funny thing about this prize though was when it was brought out for presentation at SID’s pub for the announcement it was duly noted by our Founding Father (and ex-bar owner!) Mr Mike Smith that the bottle of whisky as presented was not in a virgin state and had in fact been opened. I had grabbed this bottle in the dark this morning from my whisky cabinet thinking it was a full and un-opened bottle … but this was not the case as it transpired. It had been cracked although looked full – only a tiny amount out of the bottle. Obviously embarrassed about this I dully offered the bottle to all attending LC’s and we all duly polished this off with our lunch … thank you very much. Ray Funnel WILL be presented with a new, fresh and virgin bottle of whisky at the next outing. Cheers Ray!!’


2 thoughts on “Results – KLGCC (East Course) – 14th July 2014

  1. Anonymous

    That fellow, in 2nd frame , has clearly knocked off one lad's kneecap ( Sean ?? ), and is lining up to give the buggy a whack with his provisional !!
    Did you go to Sid's for breakfast ??
    Cheers to all Cannons, from OZ


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