Results – Bangi Golf Club – 10th March 2015


We had 20 players today making a full 5 flights. We got off on 2 tee boxes on Putrajaya and Bangi Nines at 8:00am sharp with good weather albeit pretty hot by the end of the 5 hour round (See note below on slow play). The course I’ll say was looking somewhat shabby and the greens were very bald, bumpy and patch making putting a major exercise for many.

After the game 18 of us retired to Restoran East of the Highway for lunch. The food was not as good as usual and the bill seems more expensive …. perhaps a reflection of the hot day and the amount of beer drunk.


1st place today was a tie on 40 points but Robert Mulliss (Gross of 99) got the award as Charles Blanchet (Gross 94) had less then the required 5 games for an official handicap. Tied 3rd place was Iain Wise and Jeff Pearce on 38 points. Best gross of the day was Paul Geddes with an 87. Full results tabulated below:


Slow Play

We suffered somewhat today from slow play on the course. Now although this was probably due to slower groups ahead of the LC group it is a timely reminder to all players to try and speed up play so we can have a round somewhat less than 5 hours, giving us the advantage perhaps of a longer lunch at the restaurant. All players complain about slow play but rarely admit that they themselves have slow tendencies. Everyone should be aware of time keeping and 1) be ready at your ball with a club to play the next shot, 2) don’t stand around on the green comparing scores or counting scores holding up the group behind, 3) if you cannot score please pick up, 4) park buggies in an optimum location to minimise the walk to the ball or green ….. these are just some of the things I noticed today so please take note so we all have an efficient round of golf.
Number of Clubs
Also players note that the maximum clubs in your bag is 14. Any clubs over that will incur a 2 penalty stroke on each hole that the extra club or clubs are carried.


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