Results – Lembah Beringin – 17th March 2015


16 Cannons registered for this game and unfortunately yet again we had a no-show with no prior notification which meant one player who was on standby didn’t get the opportunity to play. We all understand that sometimes circumstances crop up that you cannot play but PLEASE try to let the Convenor know so he can re-arrange. Unfortunately it is the same people that routinely do this and mess up arrangements for all others.
Lembah Beringin Golf Course is a 70 km trek north but is an extremely reasonable price for an almost reasonable golf course. The course is reasonably good although the greens were rather bumpy and very sandy today. Weather conditions were excellent as 15 Loose Cannons headed off around 8.00am from 2 tee boxes. We were finished in around 4 hours which was good.
The plan was to head to Bukit Beruntung and the Triple Round Restaurant for lunch. I tried calling the restaurant yesterday and on the morning during the round of golf but got no reply. When we arrived at the restaurant we found out why …. the restaurant was half-demolished and in a serious state of renovation. After checking out the nearby Chinese restaurant which was very basic and full we decided to head to Rawang to our usual post Tasik Putri restaurant. Lo and behold on arrival there we found it closed!! Final plan was to head to the Selangor Club Sports Annexe where we though we may also catch up with Andrew Robinson who failed to find the Restaurant Triple Round and was uncontactable by phone. So 7 of us finally lunched at the Annexe and yes we did indeed find Robinson there at the bar!!

Some good scores today on the rather short course from the whites. In 3rd place was Richard Moss with an excellent 40 points (gross of 101). First place was tied between Tony Morris (44 points and gross of 82) and Stuart Taylor (44 points and gross of 79) Tony Morris won on count back with 24 points on the back 9. Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with 79. Full results below:


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