Results – IOI Palm Garden – 7th July 2015

16 golfers played IOI Palm Garden in excellent weather; some finding this beautiful course harder than others as can be seen by the scores. 
Registration was simple and efficient and we all got off on the 10th in good time. Due to the heavy early morning rain buggies were restricted to the cart path for the first 5 holes which was not appreciated by our returning friend Ray Funnell, but thereafter it was buggy on fairway. Welcome back Ray.
This is truly a gem of a golf course and a delight to play. Congratulations to it’s creator, our own Ted Parslow, and to the management of Palm Garden and it’s manager Brandon Chin, on a job well done. Considering the course is only 3 years old it is already very mature.
Thanks also to Reinli (which phone should I use next) Tan for rounding up some of his golfing friends to swell the numbers. They were a pleasure to play with and will be welcomed back.
Despite a couple of non playing Cannons mailing their reservations about the cost, all those playing today thought it money well spent. The lunch was good (albeit a little slow) and much amber nectar was downed making it a very enjoyable 19th hole. Making use of the Ramadan offers we will hopefully play another of the premier courses next week. The Mines is the preferred choice but watch this space for confirmation.
Of note was our winner Geoff McLaws trip to Retoran East of Highway where he duly organised the table and ordered beer before the penny dropped and he checked his email before returning to the club, beer in hand. 
The full results.

Player H/C Gross Points Position
Mike Smith 23 101 30  
Ray Funnell 23 102 29  
John Laidley 11 86 33  
Tom Holmes 15 85 38  
Glen Wombwell 27 112 23  
Allan Wright 27 99 36  
Geoff McLaws 9 76 41 1
Andrew Chez 7 82 34  
Brian Stubbs 27 108 27  
Ted Parslow 12 87 33  
James Tan (G) 21 114 16  
Reinli Tan 20 90 38 3 OCB
Jeff Lee (G) 15 89 34  
Anthony Tan (G) 22 87 39 2
Peter May 24 121 11  
Keith Robson (G) 24 111 21

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