Loose Cannons Annual Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 16th December 2015

Once again the Loose Cannons group descended upon the Coliseum in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for the annual Xmas luncheon. We had 19 attendees who assembled in the bar for pre-lunch drinks prior to moving through to the rear to our lunch table. Andrew Robinson made some excellent opening remarks with a toast to departed friends (Murray Preston and Gordon Wingate and setting out the ground rules for the day’s festivities. Various dress code fines were administered as was a fine for the worst bottle of wine brought along (well done Robert Mulliss!). 
It was interesting to note that the cumulative age of the 19 attendees was 1,234 years making the average age of the Loose Cannons group attending 65.
Lunch was the usual fare (prawn cocktail, pumpkin & carrot soup, steak pie and ice cream) washed down with much wine and some whisky to finish off. During the course of the lunch we were entertained by numerous jokes and songs by the group, many of which we had heard before, but were none-the-less most welcome.

Below are some photos from the day’s festivities …. which look remarkably like the photos from the year before …. and the year before that ……

Please scroll down for the special Holiday Season Trailer and the full movie of all the gory details of the Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch … if you dare!!



A Holiday Season Trailer

The Full Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch Movie

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