How Hard is it to Get a Hole in One?

Have you ever wondered what are the chances of getting a hole-in-one …… read this to find out the hard truth.

The Golf Academy

hole in one.jpgWe all know someone whose gotten a hole in one before, or maybe you’re one of them. It almost has a mystical allure to it, especially for those who’ve never had one (I’m one of those people). It’s rare, even for tour professionals to hit a hole in one and even more so for average golfers. But just how hard is it to get a hole in one?

Well, if you’re hoping for one in the near future, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news… According to the chances of an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one are around 1 in 12,750. That means you would have to play 12,750 par 3’s until you finally have an average chance at getting an ace.

If you consider that on a “normal” 18-hole course you only play about four par 3’s a round that means it will take…

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