Results – KGSAAS – 29th November 2016


The monthly Trophy game for November was held at KGSAAS. On arrival it looked very busy with a very large competition due to tee off at 7:45am but we all got off on two tee boxes on President and Sultan at shortly after 8:00am. Amazingly it was not too slow and after a few slow first few holes the pace was reasonable.

With heavy rain the previous evening the course was very wet and heavy making playing conditions difficult. Many balls were difficult to locate as they plugged on the fairway. The greens however were good.

We all finished by 1pm or shorly therefafter and had lunch on the golfer’s terrace.

It was ReinLi’s 100th game and he kindly donatde RM200 to the drinks pot which we all gladly helped to use up with numerous special rate jugs of beers being consumed. Peter Kenyon also dropped some cash into the pot as he was celebrating a birthday. Many thanks to ReinLi and Peter.


With the poor playing conditions scores were generally lower than normal at thsi course. The winner, Bernard Romahn, however managed a great score of 85 for 44 points. Runner up was Paul Geddes with 86 for 37. best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 78. Full scores below:





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