Results – KRTU – 16th May 2017

It was several years since I last played this course and it still as nice to play, perhaps a better word would be, fun to play. The first three holes a bit wet but most of the others quite nice actually, greens had various speed as many courses have nowadays due to all the rain.

We became a bit late due some did not find their way without assistance, Kaz did not find it all so in the end we re-organized to three three-flights

Weather was excellent and as I remember from previous time the monkeys followed us on hole two and three looking for something to eat.

Ricardo Castro had lowest gross with 84, he also won with 39 points same as Martin Belderink but with a better second nine, I myself came third with 33 points and that with four holes with no points, you just wait guys….

I would like to thank Zak for assisting with booking and using his membership advantage for lowering the prices both for buggy fee as well for M&M.

The restaurant is airy with a good view, food is good and the beer is cold and not very expansive at all, we will come back.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.49.45 PM

Amendment ….. Reinli Tan’s core should be 109 for 22 and Paul Geddes correct score was 90 for 28.

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