Results – Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club – 12th September, 2018


Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club is wonderfully located in the hills north east of KL offering scenic views and cool weather. It can be a real pleasure to play up here …. but not today. The course has been sadly neglected and with almost a total lack of maintenance the course is a total disgrace. Tees are shoddy, uneven and dug up in places, the fairways are untidy with many dug up areas due to wild boar activity, bunkers are very messy and in need of repair and re-sanding and the greens are potholed and patchy making putting a random lottery. The 17th green was totally sanded with large piles of sand at the edges of the green making it very difficult to make your approach and to putt.  The hole itself was totally misshapen and ragged as shown below:



All in all very shoddy so I do not think we will be returning to this course for a long time unless the management get their act together to fix all the problems.

We had 5 flights today and we managed to tee off on separate holes to try and speed up play. Most players got round in a reasonable time and after the game we drove back down the hill to Kampong Tinggi to our old favourite 126 Restaurant.



The winner was Tony Morris with a score of 94 for 34 points. There were 3 runners up all on 32 poiunts; Ricardo Castro, Stan Constantinides and Bernard Romahn. Best gross was Ricardo Castro and Paul Geddes with 87. Full scores below:

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.56.05 PM


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