Results – KGSAAS – 10th September 2019

Today the 10th of September we LCs played KGSAAS Alam Shah and President nines. We were down to nine players as Kevin has to pullout due to back injury. A lot of other LC were overseas as well.

Alam Shah was in excellent condition and the President almost as good. Weather yeah, less hazy at start more of it when we finished.

Winner of the day was Siegmund Maierbrugger with a score of 85 for 42 after a correction was made to Ricardo Castros’s incorrect score.


Hans Berger hcp 29 – 101/36

Iain Wise 23 – 102/29

Sigi Maierbrugger 19 – 85/42 1st

Josef Winter 21 – 91/38 3rd

Bernard Romahn 14 – 84/37 3rd –  Corrected score is 84/38

Eric van Donselaar 28 – 103/33

Brian Stubbs 26 – 104/30

Ricardo Castro 11 – 78/42  2nd and lowest gross – Corrected score is 78/41

Ted Parslow 16 – 89/35

We had a nice lunch at golfers deck after the game and thank you Siegmund and company for the support.

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