Results – Danau Golf Club – 3rd September 2019

A Tuesday which did not go according to plan;

The clubs administration tried to charge us almost 500Rm more than quoted in the first place, after a few phone calls to a manager they eventually honored the quoted price.

The course was in a good nick except for hole 12 and 13 which were soggy all the way from tee to the green. Some greens were hardly put-able if you were in the wrong place from the beginning. I suppose that’s what the pros mean by placing the ball for a possible birdie.

About 12-ish the lightning was building up in the distance but nothing really happen until it released a thunderbolt over us, immediately the siren came on. That was the end of the game and eleven of us went for the lunch at East of Highway.

It was quite a wide spread how many holes was left among the flights so we, or perhaps it was me, decided to have a lucky draw for the winner, Ted Parslow came out us the winner.


This lightning warning system they have does not make sense as the siren came on after the flash. So I went there today to address our concern. Eventually I got hold of a manager and we discussed it and he admitted that their system may not fulfill the needs of a proper warning system. Its is  just a small little yellow box in the reception area.


Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 10.27.41 PM

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