BANGI RESULTS-15-03-2022


Today we were on two flights, with 8 players.

The course was nearly fully booked, we had to accept a 20-flight shotgun start with a group of Terengganu government officials.  We were originally supposed to start at 8:15 but were allowed to start half an hour earlier at hole 14.

In the beginning no golfers in front of us. We were able to enjoy our own pace. It only took us 65 minutes to play the first 5 holes.  Then we were facing the government officials in front of us they played extremely slowly.  In total it took us almost 5 hours to finish (ie almost 4 hours for the remaining 13 holes).

Greens were very sandy, slow, and hard/dry, fairways were in good condition. The weather was good, a bit overcast and not too hot. The winner today was our new member Bent Serritslev with a impressive 94 for

46 points followed by Tony Morris with a fantastic 87 (lowest gross) for 40 points, and in third place was

Bipan Kapur with 98 for 37 points. Only Andrew and Iain kept the LC tradition and went to Annex for a

long and refreshing lunch.

Josef Winter



Thank you Josef for your help and all of you for making Josef’s life easy with the registration. See you guys next week at Palm Garden. Stay safe.

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