The end of the year 2022 is nearing and it is good to look back and forward. I am taking parts of my presentation which I gave during the Christmas lunch a couple of weeks ago.

The past year, 2022, was again a more or less “normal” year. We could play golf again without too many restrictions and it shows: we played more than 50 games on in total 22 different courses. Ricardo and I tried to do our best to accommodate everyone by choosing partly challenging and partly “easier” courses. In that, we organized a very successful tour in Melaka in December. We had 9 players, played 4 different courses, and had a lot of fun! 

Loose Cannons had also a successful year in that we welcomed 12 new players. A number of them are already full members and have the official LC handicap. It resulted in the fact that we are more and more playing with three flights, and also the attendance for the lunches has increased!

The best player this year is undoubtedly Ricardo, who improved his handicap to 7.

Just to repeat the handicap system: it is based on the average of the best 8 games of the last 20 games played. Every week the new exact and playing handicaps are calculated and used for the following game.

Financially we try to break even, sometimes a bit plus, sometimes a bit minus. We started the year with a very healthy “kitty” and over the whole year, we spent about 600 RM more than we received. That is not a problem as we still have some money left. Apart from the usual costs like green fees and lunches, we welcome new players, and new members with some small gifts, as we do with birthdays. Next to that, we have the weekly winners, monthly winners, and the best player of the year.

The blog has been well visited, with more than 6500 views over the year, from a wide array of countries.

For the coming year, Ricardo managed to get Pampas interested as a sponsor for the Loose Cannons. We should have received a membership card to get the necessary reductions when eating in one of their restaurants.

Ricardo and I decided to take on the convener ship for another year, but 2023 will be the last year for us. We think that the time has come for others to take over. Our experience is that it is doable with two players, as we can take over from each other in case of traveling etc. So volunteers are needed!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and prosperous 2023!

Jan & Ricardo


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