Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 16th January 2018


I am always puzzled as to why Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort has the word “Bukit” as there is not much bukit in the course being a very flat and generally boring course. However despite that we had a rather pleasant morning at this course with 19 players heading off from tee box 10 due to a competition starting on tee box 1. There was not much run on the course due to the recent rain and some of the greens were rather slow. The weather was wonderful and cool making it a pleasant round.

I had the pleasure of playing with our newest member Vince Main who I believe has been misspelling his name. Having hit his ball numerous time into the water drain hazards today I believe his name should be Vince Drain!

We had lunch post game at the New O&S Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Kemuning which was good (thank you to Barry Cousins for the ordering!).


The winner today (on count back) and on a real winning streak with 3 back-to-back wins now was Hans Berger with 100 or 36 points. Runners up also with 36 points were Andrew Robinson and Iain Wise. Best gross of the day Was Niall Murray with a 79. Bernard was recorded as a No Return due to lack of card submission. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.21.05 PM


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