Dear Loose Cannons,
I hope everything is well with you all. Enjoying watching golf on TV and youtube, and thinking: when will it be our turn again…?Well, my expectation is that it will take a while before we can go around on the course again. With the way the figures are going at the moment here in Malaysia, it doesn’t look good at all. So let’s concentrate on getting vaccinated, sooner rather than later. That is at the moment the only way out of this situation.
On the Loose Cannons, we have only played one game in May, so no monthly results. Maybe June, but that is questionable under the present circumstances. We still have a credit open at Bukit Jalil and Rahman Putra, so those would be the first ones to choose from when the courses will open again. Below LCOTY standings after May.
Wishing you all the best, enjoy the lock down, stay safe and hopefully see you soon.


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