Dear All,

Again we were with a small group at a good playable Bukit Jalil. A lot of our regulars are abroad, so for the time being we have to get used to a small group. As said, Bukit Jalil was in a good condition, not easy to play, and that is shown by the scores: nobody ended in the thirties…..We had good fun, some balls really strayed off the good path, but that’s part of golf. 
Tony was first with 97 – 29, Jan second with 102 – 27, Iain third with 105 – 25 and Dave closed the round off with 113 – 24. We will stay away for some time from Bukit Jalil as we can now venture into Selangor and KL combined again. So next week Tasik Puteri is on the program.

Results of the day:

September games standings:
Pictures of the day:

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