Dear All,

After a very long time, about 6 months, we teed off at Tasik Puteri again. And it was a joy to play. The weather was great, as can be seen from the pictures, and the course was in a good condition. Admittedly some parts were very wet, to the point that I lost a ball just in front of the green, plugged probably half a meter below the fairway.There have been a number of cows/buffalo’s on the course as some of the fairways, and greens, were damaged, but that was OK, as everybody had the same problem. The greens were a bit variable as far as speed is concerned, sometimes very slow and some of them good speed as expected. Again, as in the last weeks, the course was very quiet. Not all golfers have found the way back to the golf course again, it seems.Our regular restaurant was closed, only open for take away, and therefore we enjoyed lunch and beers at the club.
The scores were OK as well, only Tony played to his handicap, which resulted in him ending up in first place (90 – 36). Dave had 105 – 32, Bernard 91 – 32, Iain 99 – 31, Jan 98 – 31 and Robert 113 – 32

Tasik Final Results:

September Games Standings:

Pictures of the Day:

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