Dear All,

We had a sort of mini Ryder Cup at Bukit Kemuning, the Blues against the Oranges. I leave it to the imagination of the readers to decide who was who. Anyway, we had a very enjoyable game, a lot of fun and we all played well. The course, from tee to green was in a good condition, certainly taking into account the amount of rain we had recently. Of course the rough outside the fairways had its wet patches, and yes, some of the greens were a bit bumpy, but on the whole it was a great morning. The weather was helping us as well, clear with nice blue skies with some clouds in it.
The scores were good: Bernard won with 87 – 37, Jan was second (OCB) with 93 – 36, Iain third with 94 – 36 and Dave closed the ranks with 109 – 28. So the conclusion was that the Oranges won the match…..Lunch was a bit of a challenge, Gather Gather Kitchen didn’t have any beer, The Beer World was closed (!!), so we ended up in a Chinese coffee house/restaurant, where we were allowed to sit on two tables next to each other to enjoy our food and our beer.
Next week Seri Selangor is in the plans

Final Results:

September Monthly Competition Final Standings:

LC of The Year Standings:

Pictures of the Day:

Statistics page also updated, please check. Stay safe and see you guys at Seri Selangor.

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