Dear All,

We had two three balls this morning, which normally promises a good run time through the course. However, a very slow flight in front of us, which also decided to play off the blue tees, caused quite some waiting time. Anyway, the weather was good, no sun to start with and only the last 5/6 holes it was getting warmer. And of course the company was good. We saw Erol back again, recently a new grandfather, and Helmut after a very long stay in Europe. Welcome again!
The course was very good, some greens very sandy, but nevertheless fast and true. A pleasure to play here again. The registration was a bit unorganized as they are still renovating in the clubhouse, but we were allowed to use the locker rooms and showers again! And that is a relief, to have a nice shower after a round of golf.
We had lunch in the Beer Factory, just across the road where we met our other Tuesday fellows.Our birthday boy Iain gave us a generous donation to celebrate that fact and therefore the lunch, and beers, were very cheap!! Congratulations and thanks very much, Iain.
The scores were as follows: Helmut won with 35 points (99 gross), so he got the voucher. Jan was second with 96 – 33, Dave 106 – 31, Tony 96 – 30, Erol 113 – 29 and Iain closed off with 104 – 26




See you guys next week at Bukit Beruntung. Stay safe.

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