Dear All,

We had a wonderful afternoon golf at KPGA! As they do not allow us, as non members, to play in the morning, we played an afternoon game. The course was quite empty, and therefore great to play. Yes, the sun was out, but we had a good breeze to keep it nice and pleasant.We played the lakes, followed by the hills, not the easiest ones, and both were in a very good condition. The railways and greens were very well maintained and excellently playable. In short, we had fun and really enjoyed ourselves.KPGA is always a difficult course to play, as was clear from the scores: Bernard finished top with 90 – 33, followed by Dave with 110 – 27.Full results below. We followed this up with a couple of good drinks and some food at Lavaa restaurant.
Next week Bukit Jalil again!



Full results:

September games standings:

Pictures of the day:

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