Dear All,

What a joy it was to be able to play golf  again! Nice to be out again with friends and try to get a nice score in.We began last week with almost two full flights, then one after another dropped out, so eventually we played with 5, a two ball and a three ball. The course was almost empty, so we had a fast time, coming back within 4 hours.As expected, the course was wet, resulting in frequent looking for plugged balls, sometimes even well under the fairway surface. The greens were good, so that was not the excuse. It was more that we haven’t been playing for quite a while that the scores were a bit low.Jan finished first with 97 – 32, Bernard 92 – 30, Iain 100 – 30, Tony 102 – 24, Dave 118 – 19
After the game, no locker rooms, no showers (apart from Bernard….!), but a good lunch at the club.
So the first game is in!! Let’s hope that was the first one of many to come without any MCO’s anymore!
See you all next week.

Pictures of the day:

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