Results – KGSAAS – 20th March 2018


We had an earlier start today at KGSAAS with 4 flights teeing off from the Sultan and President 9’s. The course was in good shape and the weather hot and humid. Even aftre some heavy rain this week the course was in good condition. We were all back in the clubhouse by around 12 noon and had a good lunch on the terrace along with quite a few cold beers. Bernard Romahn and Aftab Ahamd who were celebrating birthdays kindly donated to the kitty making it a happy lunch …. thanks guys!


The winner this week was Iain Wise with a score of 94 for 38 points and the runner up was Stuart Taylor with a score of 89 for 35 points. Best gross was 88 shot by Ricardo Castro and Martin Walsh. Full scores below :

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Results – KGSAAS – 23rd January 2018


There were 27 players today at KGSAAS and we all got off smoothly on the Sultan and Alam Shah 9’s at 8:00am. The Sultan 9 had very poor heavily sanded grass areas around the green making it difficult around the greens and the greens themselves were slow. The Alam Shah 9 was better although the greens there had recently been sanded. We made reasonable time around the 18 holes and were back in the clubhouse shortly after 12 noon for lunch on the terrace.

There were 3 Birthday Boys this week (Stuart, Tony and Enzo) who all contributed to the pot and plus a contribution from Paul Geddes for his 100th game made it a free lunch for everyone.



The clear winner this week was Geoff McLaws with an excellent par round of 72 for 43 points. There were 3 runners up all on 37 points; Roger McGowan, Joe Lacy and Stan Constantinides. Best gross was Geoff McLaws with his 72. Full results below:

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Results – KGSAAS – 31st October 2017


The Monthly Trophy game for October was held at KGSAAS with 20 players entered. We all got off on the Sultan and Alam Shah nines at around 8:00am and after some very heavy early morning rain in KL it was cool and overcast making it very pleasant to play.

We welcomed first time guest Bert Beekes (guest of Eric Van Donselaar) who joined us this morning.

Our 3rd flight off Sultan were held up briefly as Julien Hodson-Walker was not allowed to play in his cargo shorts and had to quickly return to the pro shop to purchase some acceptable golf shorts. He returned in some lurid pink shorts so along with Sigi in his brilliant shiny green (boxing) shorts made for a colourful flight indeed!

The course was in good condition although greens were somewhat erratic; some ok and some quite slow. It was good to see some ongoing maintanance around the course with some serious tree felling operations which made the course look tidier.


The winner of the October Monthly Trophy was Ray Funnell with 100 for 38 with Bernard Romahn and Sigi Maierbrugger in tied second place on 36 points. Best gross was Geoff McLaws with an 84. Full results below:

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Results – KGSAAS – 3rd October 2017


We played at KGSAAS today on the President and Sultan 9’s. Course was in fairly good shape although the fairways seem to need some attention with cow grass growing through and what looked like tiny daisies growing on the 9th hole of the President 9. They have been cutting back the trees and the rough quite extensivle so the course looks very tidy now. Weather was also great and we got round in good time by around 12:30pm with lunch taken at the club.

Welcome to our guest today … Niall Murray … introduced by Emlyn Jones.



The winner today was Roger McGowan with 94 for 39 points. Runners up were jointly Kaz Takita with 95 for 38 and kevin Wiggins with 86 for 38. Most golf was David Evans …. full results below.

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Results – KGSAAS – 18th April 2017


There were 20 Loose Cannons members and one guest today at KGSAAS playing the President and Sultan 9’s. The course was rather wet in many places making it hard going with no run on the ball and the ball dieing on the soft fringes of the greens if you didn’t reach the green. The green conditions however was quite good although a little sandy in places.

Weather was overcast and cloudy with the imminent danger of a thunder and rain storm hanging over us throughout the game. However we all managed to finish with only a light bit of rain as we played the last hole.

We had lunch at the clubhouse after the game and Erol Akinci very kindly donated RM300 to celebrate his 300th game recently – many thanks Erol.


Scores were not great today because of the poor conditions. The winner was Peter Kenyon with 96 for 36 points on count back from ReinLi Tan with 95 for 36 points. This was a back-to-back win by Peter Kenyon – luckily we are not playing to the old Mike Smith rules as he would have been severely punished. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 81. Full results table below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.53.00 PM


Results – KGSAAS – 17th January 2017

With the overnight withdrawal of Andy Strachan 22 LC’s started on time on the President & Sultan 9’s at KGSAAS and with few other golfers on the course we were all round in good time…..especially the two 3 balls, one of which containing speedy Morris finishing one and a half hours before the following 4 ball !!!!

KGSAAS was very soggy. OK, we had some heavy rain Sunday night but other courses in the Klang Valley are bone dry. This course needs some serious drainage work. Little wonder there were so few other players on the course.

The winner with a fine 89 for 42 points was Charles Blanchet. Charles, you are cut 8 strokes. Runner-up was Iain Wise with 92 for 39 ocb from Ted Parslow with 84 for 39 ocb in 3rd spot. Lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 82.


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.38.03 PM.jpg


Because Stuart is cruising Charles h/cap will be cut but all other h/caps will remain the same for next weeks game.

Lunch was taken at the club attended by 17 LC’s who enjoyed the beer promotion of buy 2 get one free.


Over lunch the position of Convenor was discussed and I am pleased to announce that Hans Berger has stepped up and will take over as Convenor as of 1st March. Andrew will continue to look after the money and Stuart will keep the Handicapping and the Blog. My thanks to all 3 of you. My thanks also to Ray Funnell who offered to stand as convenor if there were no other offers. 

For myself, I will be moving to Ayer Keroh but hope to be able to play with you all at some of the venues south of KL. And I will certainly see some of you at the Melaka tour which I believe will be late March.

This is a good group who enjoy playing golf to the rules and enjoy each others company. Occasionally however there are issues and I receive requests not to play with so-and-so because of some misdemeanour or incident but this cannot be entertained as we randomly draw flights and should continue to do so. So guys, please play the game according to the Rules and the Etiquette of Golf for the mutual benefit of all Loose Cannons. Good behaviour at all times no matter how frustrated we may be.

Results – KGSAAS – 29th November 2016


The monthly Trophy game for November was held at KGSAAS. On arrival it looked very busy with a very large competition due to tee off at 7:45am but we all got off on two tee boxes on President and Sultan at shortly after 8:00am. Amazingly it was not too slow and after a few slow first few holes the pace was reasonable.

With heavy rain the previous evening the course was very wet and heavy making playing conditions difficult. Many balls were difficult to locate as they plugged on the fairway. The greens however were good.

We all finished by 1pm or shorly therefafter and had lunch on the golfer’s terrace.

It was ReinLi’s 100th game and he kindly donatde RM200 to the drinks pot which we all gladly helped to use up with numerous special rate jugs of beers being consumed. Peter Kenyon also dropped some cash into the pot as he was celebrating a birthday. Many thanks to ReinLi and Peter.


With the poor playing conditions scores were generally lower than normal at thsi course. The winner, Bernard Romahn, however managed a great score of 85 for 44 points. Runner up was Paul Geddes with 86 for 37. best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 78. Full scores below:





Results – KGSAAS – 16th August 2016


5 flights of Loose Cannons teed off from the President and Sultan 9’s at KGSAAS on a hazy but relatively cool morning. Progress was fast as the course was very quiet so all flights were finished by 12 or just after. The course was in good condition as it usually is. Interestingly they seemed to be carrying out quite a bit of tree trimming and felling around the course … the contractor for this obviously had some kind of accident during this as there was a wrecked crane truck on the 4th hole of the Sultan 9 (see photographs below) …. looks like a felled tree branch fell down and wrecked the truck cabin!

George Murray did not finish today as his golf shoe gave out on the 4th hole of the game …. probably being due to being left in the cupboard for the last 2-3 years!

After the game we had lunch at the clubhouse cafe along with jugs of Carlsberg beer which was on special offer …. buy 2 and get one free.

A big thank you to Sigi for sponsoring his flight which left us with a reasonable cash surplus towards lunch.


The winer today was Mahmud Mohamed with a gross 86 and 41 points (cut 5). Mahmud didn’t make lunch to receive his RM50 prize and as per normal procedure the winnings went into the pot and we enjoyed the beer on Mahmud’s behalf! Runner up was Sigi with 88 for 40 points and 3rd place went to Ted Parslow with 85 for 39. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.02.53 PM



Results – KGSAAS – 31st May 2016

The May Monthly Trophy game was held at KGSAAS with 16 players registered to play. 15 players teed off a little late at 8:30am due to a rather busy period on the course – John Laidley was lost somewhere in the direction of Putrajaya at the mercy of his GPS or Waze – he eventually caught us up at the 5th hole we were playing around 9:30am.

The course was in good condition and the morning quite cool due to the overnight rain. However it was very hot by the time we concluded play at around 1pm.

We had lunch at the clubhouse with rather ordinary food and slow service. However Dave Evans kindly donated RM150 to celebrate his birthday (Thanks Dave!) and the excess monies from the day with a little top up from the kitty covered lunch.


The winner of the May Monthly Trophy was Ted Parslow with a gross of 82 and 43 points. This was also the best gross of the day. Ted will be cut 7 strokes. 2nd place was Tony Morris, with 90 for 40 points, on count back from Peter Kenyon with 94 for 40 points.



Full results are tabulated below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.28.48 PM



Results – KGSAAS – 5th April 2016

19 LC’s teed it up on an unexpectedly quiet morning at KGSAAS in pleasant weather; a tad humid but less hot than the last few days in the Klang Valley.
KGSAAS is usually in good nick and today was no exception. We played Sultan & Alam Shah 9’s and the entire course was well turned out and the greens were near perfect if a little slower than they looked, and the scoring reflected the conditions with an astonishing 17 players bettering their handicap.
The virgin winner was Dave Evans with 93 for 47 points, cut 11. The R/up (after correction) was Greg Mackley with 85 for 46 points with Vincent Vijayan 3rd with 92 for 45 points. The low gross of the day was 77 by Chez and worth a mention was Ted Parslow’s 4 birdies on the back 9.
The full results are attached.
Lunch was taken at the golfers terrace with everyone attending. The grub was OK and at RM30 per head including the beer, quite reasonable. This tells you something. Eating at the club when possible keeps the group together.
Welcome to Nathan Hill-Haimes introduced by Greg Mackley.
Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.09.59 PM