Results – Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Resort – 1st September 2020

Way up North this time to Bukit Beruntung, for many of us a new experience. And it was a pleasant one. Most LC’s agreed that this course is worthwhile playing again. Arriving there is quite impressive since the club house is a bit of a royal experience with the size of the palace of Versailles We started early morning before 8:00 am; smooth registration, perfect weather and nobody in front of us.

The course is good quality and not always easy with some narrow challenging fairways. Most greens run well and true. Besides that it is very good value for money with a green fee of only RM 75, including some drinks.

After the game we had lunch in Chinese restaurant “Full Moon”. Also worthwhile repeating. Good food at reasonable prices. Our beer manager Brian was very active today securing the cold supplies aka Tiger.


The winner today showed some supernatural powers and a drugs test has been requested: Josef with one of his best games ever 85/45. Second place today Allan with a fine 97/38, followed by Jan with 95/37. See full list below.

We wrapped up August and presented the monthly medal to winner Hans. He also got a sleeve for playing most of his shots on the buggy track today. 
Iain is still leading the annual ranking after August but since he is in the UK right now and not playing, Ricardo is now catching up with him; both 54 points. Mike W follows with 44 points. See full list below. 


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 25th August 2020

We were supposed to play Bukit Beruntung but ended up at Tasik Puteri instead. I will come back to this later……. 4 flights starting early in the morning without caddies this time, since they had a big tournament going. The weather was great and the course reasonable but not so great. Some greens were really sandy and others quite bumpy. There is room for improvement. We all got around fairly quick and with some good scores as well.


Winner today ocb Hakan with 97/42, followed by Bernard 81/42 and Tony 85/41. 

We also have a monthly medal winner; Hans Berger. Well done with 2 very good games!

And he won something else as well……………. We don’t normally do COTD but this was a special occasion.

As I said before we were supposed to play Bukit Beruntung. Hans called them last Tuesday to make a booking. 3 days later I found out that there was no booking at Bukit Beruntung; grrr…?!! idiots……stupid…👹grrr and more…… On Monday Hans gets a call from Bukit Unggul about a booking the next day…………. Turns out he called the wrong Bukit…….So he earned a sleeve of special balls for this performance. These are the first ones with a LC logo on it supported by our sponsor Siggy. Thanks a lot Siggy!!


Thanks to Martin Belderink and Ricardo Castro for the photos.

Results – Kota Sieramas Golf & Country Club – 18th August 2020

Another beautiful golf day at Kota Seriemas. 12 members made their way to the deep South of KL to play some golf. A little after 8 am we took off. Unfortunately the first 2 flights were positioned behind a group of local clowns who caused a considerable delay most of the morning. The 3rd flight starting at hole 1 was about 30 minutes faster than the other 2 starting from 10. Other than that the course was in very good shape as always and a pleasure to play and also the weather conditions were very pleasant.

We also welcomed back a few of our “lost in lock down” members; Aftab and Josef. Aftab managed to escape Trumpistan but will leave us soon again to continue his life in Istanbul. Josef finally worked his way out of Germany.

Lunch was at East of highway where we also celebrated another milestone; Brian’s 200th game with the Loose Cannons. A generous donation supported the beer bill. Thanks Brian. Erol took the mystery prize for playing most golf.; a sleeve of balls. 


The money today went all the way to Portugal. Let’s hope they spend it wisely; Ricardo winning with 82/38 and also playing lowest gross. Shared 2nd Bernard and Brian both 37 points and Dave continuing his good golf flow with a 3rd place scoring 98/36. See all results below.

The monthly ranking hasn’t changed with Graham and Dave still leading with both 81 points, closely followed by Ricardo and Brian. It’s hot at the top. Decision next week!!


Thanks to Ricardo Castro for the photographs.

Results – Bukit Unggul Country Club – 11th August 2020

3 flights started a little before 8:00 am on their journey through the home of the eagles. Unfortunately we ended up with only 11 players since Paul Geddes’ email server decided to block all golf related messages and thus he was not aware of his expected attendance at the Tuesday game. The course was in good shape and the dark clouds decided to drop their contents somewhere else so we had a dry round.

Lunch after the game was at our regular East of highway; always reliable and they did not let us down. 


Some of our members did extremely well today and Dave’s practising at BU the last weeks paid off big time taking the money today with a 90/45 score. Our senior Swede Mr Berger followed with a very nice score 95/44. 3rd place Graham 92/39. See all scores below. 

The monthly medal so far is a battle between Dave and Graham both 81 points, followed by Ricardo and Siggy both 73 points. 


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Staffield Country Resort – 4th August 2020

12 LC members gathered at Staffield this morning. It’s a good course to play during the wet season and that proved to be right again today. Only downside: the greens were not in great shape. Weather helped a lot to make it a very pleasant round of golf and we all got back around midday. Highlight of the day…………Mike shot a hole in 1 on West number 8 so the F&B bill for the day was more than covered as well as his whiskey and beer stock for the coming months. He had to do some paperwork to secure the ringgits. Well done Mike and an exciting moment.

Surprisingly the mystery prize for today was the 1st hole in one of the day and Mike was rewarded with the beautiful LC’s cap. A welcome back to Graham who also played his 100th game for LC’s today good for some contribution to the kitty that we will spend wisely next week. A LC’s towel was his reward. Thanks Graham!


The July medal was handed out to Martin Belderink as a reward for 2 good games last month. Winner today Graham with a nice 92/42, followed by Mike and Ricardo both 41 and Brian with 40 points. See all results below. 

The July medal was handed out to myself as a reward for 2 good games last month. 


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Rules of Golf – Nearest Point of Relief

With the recent Covid-19 restrictions and the situation where most courses are now classifying bunkers as GUR this requires the player to take the nearest point of relief from the bunker. This has caused a lot of confusion as how to determine this point so this video we made today highlights the process the player should go through. Thanks to Peter Davies for a great explanation.

Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th July 2020

No rowing and plowing this week. Palm Garden was in excellent shape (as always) and the weather was also very friendly to us today. Thanks to some late entries we had 3 full flights going out around 8:15 am. With a start from 2 different t-boxes it all went smoothly and some discount vouchers and the MST golf card discount helped us to get a good rate as well. 

Also a welcome back to Jan after nearly six months being expelled from Malaysia, trapped in the land of coffee shops that sell no coffee, tulips and clogs.

 8 players wrapped up the day in our favourite restaurant East of highway. Always good food and some nice cold Tigers. 


Winner today was Tony Morris with a nice 88/38 OCB beating Siggy 91/38 followed by Mike Garwood 82/37. See all scores below.

The monthly medal stays with your convener winning best 2 July games with total 84 stbf, followed by Tony with 79 and Iain 75. 

The annual ranking is still headed by Iain, followed by Ricardo and Mike Williams. Given Iain’s escape to the UK it might be difficult to defend his position in the coming period. Mike Garwood played his 5th game today so a welcome to the Loose Cannons.

The Mystery prize today was scoring the last par. Hole 18 it was with both Paul and Robert winning a sleeve of balls


Thanks to Ricardo Castro & Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Danau Golf Club – 21st July 2020

Those who decided not to play today made a wise decision. 8 daredevils still showed up. Let me give you the short version of today. Registration this morning; they suddenly decided this morning that a caddy is compulsory for guests. So we got 2 completely useless girls on the back of our buggies to do god knows what…………..  Several buggies already broke down before we even started. The course was in very lousy shape, especially the lower parts where a boat and flippers would have been of use. In front of us there were a bunch of locals taking forever to look for their balls and take the shots. So it was a lot of waiting and it took us almost 5 hours to get around. 


The scores tell the story; Mike winning with 30 points. Danau is off the list. The 19th hole at East of Highway made up for it and we cleaned the system with some beers and good food. 


Thanks to Martin Belderink and Ricardo Castro for the photos.

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 14th July 2020

We had 4 full flights on this beautiful Tuesday morning with very nice weather; not too hot. As usual, getting so many crazy old farts into the right buggy in an orderly fashion is an impossible task. But in the end we all got in the right flight and at the right t-box in time. The course was still a bit wet due to heavy rain the days before so buggy on track in the beginning.

Despite the wetness the course was very well playable and we all got around in little over 4 hours. Some guests joined us (again) Andrew Morrow with 5 games is now an official “Loose Cannon” (guess this name fits some of your shots perfectly😏); welcome Andrew! Reinli returned back to the course after a long absence and we learned how Carlsberg survived the crisis. Welcome back!

Lunch was at the club and we concluded the day with some jugs and nice food. Prices are reasonable at Tasik and good quality. And we found out that Iain is planning to travel to the UK on Friday without making any immigration arrangements……… He decided to contemplate further on that in the Annex later that day. Or we might see him next Tuesday on the golf course again.


We had some good scoring today with more than half of the group playing their handicap or close to that. Winner today Tony Morris with a respectable 85/41 followed by Robert and myself with 40 points. Ricardo became third with 38 points and lowest gross; 82. After 2 games I’m heading the monthly ranking, followed by Iain and Ricardo/Dave shared 3rd. See all details below.


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin belderink for the photos.

Results – Bukit Kemuning – 7th July 2020

More sad news reached our group yesterday as Roger McGowan passed away on Tuesday morning after a long battle against cancer. Rest in peace Roger. We will keep the fond memories alive. 

With one late cancellation due to family matters (hope things worked out Helmut!) 15 members joined the game at Bukit Kemuning. It was not very busy so registration and tee-off went smoothly. The course was in reasonable condition and the sun was shining so nothing wrong there. With nobody in front of us the first flight (a 3 ball; Mike W, Bernard and me) was back already before 11:30. Some other flights took a little longer than that. 

10 of us assembled for lunch in New O&S Seafood including Barry Cousins. Thanks for booking and organizing the lunch Barry! Including 2 birthday contributions from Brian and Allan and a donation from Siggy the lunch bill was very very reasonable despite numerous Tigers.


Your convener had a very good golfing day and winning score of 90/44. It’s the golf magic surrounding Mike W. that shone upon me……….. Iain came in second with 92/39, followed by Dave 103/36


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photographs.